Canyon envie - Nature interpretation in canyoning on Vercors

Discover through the game the canyon biodiversity of Vercors

With Canyon envie, discover original canyoning tours. Come and learn about the very special environment of the canyons, through nature canyoning activities in the Vercors.

Whatever your level, you can learn to recognize the flora of the canyons, learn more about the fauna adapted to difficult and varied living conditions, improve your knowledge of the geology and geomorphology of the deep rivers of the Vercors or come to understand issues such as the impact of human activity on this environment and think about the future linked to global warming.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced in canyoning, with family, friends or colleagues, in a school or canyoning professionals, you will certainly find an offer adapted to your interest. For more information, consult our different nature entertainment offers or contact us.

"Classic" canyoning tours

Canyons for beginners

• Le Furon Haut (38)

• Ecouges express (38)

• Le Versoud (38)

• Le Furon bas (38)

• La Comane (26)

For more informations, go to see our canyon list

Sportive and technical canyons

• Les Ecouges basses (Ecouges 2) (38)

• Le Furon intégral (38)

• Les Ecouges intégrales (38)

• La Pissarde (38)

For more informations, go to see our canyon list

Nature discovery in canyoning

"All level" tours : family, friends, teambuilding,...

Game canyon

Jeu de piste en canyon

Come to discover our different games in canyon : 

• Treasure hunt in canyon : « Ra’Carmes the red » treasure ;

• Discover  « Wite-clawed crayfish » ;

…and other fun activities to do with your family or friends.

Educ’ & Sport

Saut canyoning

First we will focuse on discovering canyon environment through small activities, observations and games, followed by a « classic » canyoning trip.


This is the best opportunity to learn more about the fauna, flora, geology and functioning of a watercourse, combined with a more « classic » canyoning descent in one of the best canyons of the Vercors.

Formation à l’environnement

Formation à l'environnement des canyons

Do you want to learn more about ecology, fauna or flora in canyons ? Contact us to set up a course with us or to suscribe to one of our training course (offer to come).

About us

Noémie Castaing
Noémie Castaing

Canyon envie is born from the association of two guides : Noémie et Thibault. Noémie is guiding in the company Outdoor Aventure Vercors ( and Thibault has built his own company in 2023 : Karibou canyon (

Noémie finished her canyoning guide training course in 2023. As she worked several years in environment protection and ecology, her project was to build a project around faune, flora and habitats we can find in Vercors canyons.  As she received a really good 

Thibaut est un amoureux des sports de pleine nature. Il a découvert le canyoning à 18 ans et a passé son DE en 2022, avant de monter sa propre structure en 2023.  

Tous deux souhaitaient développer l’éducation à l’environnement en canyon et c’est pourquoi ils ont choisi de s’associer pour ce projet.

C’est ainsi que la marque Canyon envie est est née. 

Thibault Karibian
Thibault Karibian